Child Visitation in Pakistan refers to the rights of a Non-Custodial Parent (and his/her family) to visit their child (or children). This is essential so that the child avoids estrangement from his family

Unlike any Commodity, a child is a human being in a growing state. It is vital that a child keeps in touch with their parents and/or family. Child Custody cases in Pakistan can last years, so in order for the child not to develop any estrangement with its Non-Custodial Parent and their relatives/family, a Visitation Schedule can be requested to be drawn up, which is where our Family Lawyers can help in Child Visitation in Pakistan.

How is the Annual Child Visitation in Pakistan Schedule drafted?

Child Visitation in Pakistan is done through a Visitation Schedule, which is drawn up (usually within 6 months of initiating proceedings) by the Guardian/Family Court and is reviewed on an Annual Basis, to ensure that, when needed, the time can be adjusted. The important points that are covered are:-

  1. That the timings of the Meetings
  2. When they will be held (ie every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month etc.)
  3. The duration of the Meetings
  4. Where they will be held (i.e. in the Courts own Visitation Rooms or at the Non-Custodial Parents House)
  5. Any Costs to be granted per meeting (i.e. travel expenses of the Custodial Parent)
  6. Any Sureties that need to be given
  7. In some instances, Penalties and Fines for non-conformation of order and/or Implementation of order (i.e. the allocation of a Bailiff with Police assistance to summon the Custodial Parent to court) NOTE – This is usually added if and when the Custodial Parent does not follow the order of the court.

An Application to make amendments to the visitation Schedule can be submitted to the court at any time and would be entertained if there is a real need for the visitation schedule to be amended, in the benefit and interest of the welfare of the minor.

What else can a Non-Custodial Parent do?

The Non-Custodial Parent can make an application to take the child abroad or even to add the child’s name to the Exit Control List (ECL) to ensure avoidance of Parental Abduction.

It is noteworthy to mention that divorce / khulla proceedings do not need to be in place for a visitation schedule to be drawn up. Furthermore, It is not just biological parents who can request a visitation schedule to be scheduled, and that Relatives can also apply for it through the court.

What are the Consequences of the Visitation Schedule not being followed?

As a Custodial Parent, you could be fined for each visitation missed and be ordered to pay for Damages and (in extreme cases) lose custody of the child. Each missed visitation is recorded, and at the time of final judgment, it will surface as a negative in your conduct and character as a Parent.

During the course of the case, you may also lose entitlement to the Monthly Child Maintenance (if it’s being claimed) to compensate the custodial parents travel expenses, as part of your penalty for not conforming with the orders of the court, as well as being charged with Contempt of Court.

Non-Compliance for a Visiting Parent

As a Non-Custodial Parent, if you do not follow the visitation schedule, it will demonstrate to the court that you have no real interest to see your child. The court could dismiss the visitation schedule altogether, as well as fine you for non-compliance with the Court Order.

In events where visitation is missed for good reason, evidence may be presented (i.e. Medical Certificate) to ensure a compensatory visit is arranged.

What if a Child Visitation is disturbed due to harassment?

Unfortunately, in some cases, the other party (and their accomplices) attempt to use these moments made possible by the courts for the other parent (and their families) to bond with their child/children. We recently tweeted about this, and the tweet was followed up by a news channel (video below).

If you are a victim of this, simply report the incident in court, and the nearest police station to the court. If you need assistance in such matters, please always feel free to approach us.

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