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Coronavirus Patients Death in Lahore; Medical Negligence or Defamation?

Coronavirus Patients Death in Lahore ; Watch the full video below on YouTube and Facebook. Please like, Share, Comment and Subscribe to keep up-to-date. The English subtitles and script are under both videos below-

Coronavirus Patient's Death in Lahore – Medical Negligence or Defamation?

A report was recently made where the doctor's in Mayo Hospital (Lahore, Pakistan) allegedly committed malpractice. After a few Newspapers spread this report, the Doctor's of Mayo Hospital then held a Press Conference reporting their side of the story.The question we were asked here was "Did the Newspapers have an obligation to publish the Hospitals side of the story in their report, or not?"We reached out to the Newspapers for comments (which they did not respond to, however, if/when they respond we will let you know).Here we were given exclusive Video Statements by Dr. Shoaib Niazi (Senior Vice President of the Young Doctors Association) and during this time our Child Custody Expert Agha Abul Hassan Arif (Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan).Here is what they had to say about this matter.#Coronavirus #COVID19 #COVID19Pakistan #Defamation #MedicalNegligence #MayoHospital #UnitedwithDoctors

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English Script and Subtitles

Assalam O Alaikum, I am your host Mohammed Ali.

The Coronavirus is fast spreading, and the news that a patient has died in Mayo Hospital in Lahore has added more panic to an already troubled situation in Pakistan. The story published by the media in Pakistan led to a question being sent into us by a user stating “The story in the Media has no information or official statement from the Hospital or Doctor in question. Can the media make a story without speaking to both parties?”.

Today, inshallah, we will try to answer the legalities of this question in detail.

We first give our condolences to the victim, may Allah grant him eternal Jannat and ease his afterlife, and our thoughts and prayers go to his family friends and loved ones.

To begin with, we reached out to both the Hospital in question and the Media outlets, as you can see on the screen here, and you can independently check it via our twitter handle also.

In the news, it states that a Coronavirus victim was remanded to his bed by tying him down, and

Coronavirus Patients Death in Lahore ; Media Response

Unfortunately, neither of the 3 media outlets replied or responded to us about Coronavirus Patients Death in Lahore, if and when they do we will gladly update you on their response. Mayo Hospital head of the Young Doctors Association, Dr. Shoaib Niazi, was willing to give a statement on behalf of Mayo Hospital on this matter. This is what he had to say:-

(Video of Dr.Niazi)

Now this story is very different from what news could be found online about Coronavirus Patients Death in Lahore and on their websites. Until we hear back from the Media outlets in question, we would be unable to give their viewpoints, but what we can do is look into the legalities that Journalists in Pakistan are bound to adhere to.

Press Council of Pakistan Ordinance 2002

In Pakistan, the Press Council of Pakistan Ordinance 2002 was instituted with the purpose, under section 3, as:-

 “to implement the Ethical Code of Practice, as set out in the Schedule to this Ordinance and to perform such other functions as are assigned to it under this Ordinance or the rules and regulations made thereunder”

Upon further reading of this ordinance, it also stated in Section 8 the functions of the Press Council of Pakistan as being (amongst others):-

(i) The Council, while preserving the freedom of the press, shall maintain highest professional and ethical standards of newspapers and news agencies with a view to making them more responsive to the issues and concerns of the society in Pakistan.

(ii) to help newspapers and news agencies to maintain their independence;

(iii) to keep under review any development likely to restrict the dissemination of news of public interest and importance;

(iv) to revise, update, enforce and implement the Ethical Code of Practice for the newspapers, news agencies, editors, journalists and publishers as laid down in the Schedule to this Ordinance;

(v) to receive complaints about the violation of Ethical Code of Practice relating to newspapers, news agencies editors and journalists;

(vi) to appoint Enquiry Commissions to decide complaints at the head office, all provincial sub-offices and regions, as the case may be necessary for its proper functioning;”

In 2012 the Pakistan Coalition of Ethical Journalism was founded, and in 2015 they issued a Code of Ethics for Pakistani Media. In this Code of Ethics, certain criteria is mentioned as:-

  • All journalists should seek the truth through accurate and fact-based communications.
  • Journalists and media shall strive to tell all sides of a story and where possible give voice to different and opposing opinions including from minority groups.
  • Journalists should be careful and sensitive in their use of language and remain vigilant at all times regarding explicit material and unethical language. This is particularly important during live coverage of events especially those related to the terrorism and other crimes.

At this current moment, Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare workers around the world are risking their lives to fight the coronavirus. They are currently our front line in this issue which has seen the biggest global detention in “Self isolation”.

In Italy, one of the most affected countries of Coronavirus, 50 doctors have already died fighting the Coronavirus as they exposed themselves to the virus, sacrificing their own lives to help society. So the real question being asked is “Was this news ethically covered?” and “Was it fair to scare an already scared population of disease by trying to highlight Medical Negligence when internal investigations have already cleared the doctors of any negligence?”.

Around the world, Hospital workers (Doctors and Nurses alike) are risking their lives to save others, so should their right to be heard be taken away from them whilst they sacrifice themselves for the sake of their community?

It is important to note that we have made more videos on Legal issues being caused by the Coronavirus, which we will discuss in our upcoming videos, but to get a better legal grasp of the situation we turn to our Senior Lawyer, a well-known Lawyer in Lahore who is a Child Custody Expert and a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Advocate Agha Abul Hassan. As everyone is maintaining Social Distance and Self Quarantine, he has kindly given his thoughts to us via a homemade video clip.

(Video Clip from Advocate Agha Abul Hassan)

So there is your legal opinion on this matter. What are your thoughts? Do share your thoughts on this matter with us in the comment section, and definitely share this video to raise awareness.

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