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Divorce and Khulla Cases

Divorce and Khulla / Khula Cases in Pakistan

Nowadays, It is statistically more likely for a Marriage to end in Divorce than to last forever.

If the man pronounces Divorce, its the mans responsibility to inform the Union Council of his decision. For a woman, she has to file for Khulla / Khula through court.

What can someone expect in a Divorce / Khulla / Khula Case in Pakistan from Court

Divorce (whether by Talaaq or Khulla / Khula )is a very sensitive subject, which is usually grim in it nature, as it entails several factors (mentioned, but not limited to):-

1) Restitution of Marriage

2) Child Custody

3) Child Maintenance

4) Child Visitation

5) Division of Land

6) Recovery of Jehz

7) Recovery of Marital Benefits

8) Application of Guardianship / Removal of Guardianship

9) Recovery of Dowery / Dower / Haq Mehr, Alimony

10) Warrant of Arrest,

11) and other Proceedings of Civil / Criminal nature


Which become part and parcel of its day to day activity.

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