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Online Divorce in Pakistan via Talaaq Khula

Online Divorce in Pakistan via Talaq Khulla / Khula

Divorce meaning in urdu is talaq and khulla in Arabic language. It is a dissolution of marriage between a couple. The parting of a Marriage is always a bitter, harsh and stressful affair for all those involved. Sometimes, it’s the only way forward, we at 24Justice.pk understand this, and offer services for those who wish to do this process online. We will provide you best divorced lawyers.

*Please note, we do not recommend this service for Marriages where Property Disputes and Child Custody cases will arise.

Ways to get Divorced in Pakistan

We can offer arbitration service and assist in the 4 forms of divorce that are possible in Pakistan: –

1) Mutual Divorce: – When both Husband and Wife Mutually agree to end the Marriage.

2) Khula: – When the Wife wishes to Separate from the Husband.

3) Talaq: – When the Husband wishes to Separate from the Wife.

4) Annulment: – When either Spouses abandons the Marriage, and the Court annuls the marriage from one side, for both parties.


Divorce procedure in Pakistan

For getting a divorce, and to begin this process online, simply fill in the form below, and our Specialist will contact you with the exact process, fee’s and timeline for your separation service. Our lawyers will prepare divorce papers online and will provide you divorce form. Our Lawyers also abide by our “24Justice.pk Fixed Fee Policy” which means you do not have to worry about any unknown and hidden extra charges.

To find out more, Download Our Legal Services and Online Lawyers App From here or by Searching for “24Justice” from the Google Play Store. Once installed, upload your Query/Case/Question and one of our Trusted and Verified Legal Specialists will respond.

You will receive a response in 24 Hours from our Specialist, who will give you free advice on your matter as well. If you do not get a response, simply call us on 0308 551 0031 (Outside of Pakistan/WhatsApp Number 0092 308 5510031)

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