Firearms and Gun License in Pakistan

How to get a Firearms Permit and Gun License in Pakistan

Getting a Firearms and Gun License in Pakistan is both straightforward and complicated. Believe it or not, it is harder to get a Gun or Firearm in Pakistan than it is in even the USA! Gun laws are incredibly strict and are reserved only for those who show a dire need to own or be in possession of a firearm. (NOTE – It is a Criminal act to carry or own a Firearm in Pakistan without Legal Documentation)

Who can apply for a Firearms Permit and Gun License in Pakistan?

You may hear, in some areas of Pakistan, that gun licensing and licenses are/were banned. Although that may (or may not) be the case, the Firearms and Weapons Department is obliged to ensure those citizens who qualify or are entitled to obtain a Weapons / Firearms Permit (and have a dire need to bear arms) are issued with one accordingly. Speak to our lawyers in Pakistan for further advice.

What Constitutes as a “Dire Need” to get a Firearms Permit and Gun License in Pakistan?

Gun Permits and Firearms License are issued on the following grounds:-

  • Sports
  • Hunting
  • Self Defense
  • Security Company
  • Arming your Staff

For Sporting and Hunting reasons, it would depend on your local Firearms Council whether licensing periods are open or closed. For Self Defense (i.e. if you carry a lot of cash for business purposes, or are in imminent threat of life, or are involved in a Legal Matter / FIR ) you can apply at any time.

Once a license is issued, it would then be updated in the NADRA records, which will then reflect on your records accordingly.

How to get a Firearms Permit or Gun License in Pakistan

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