24Justice has been the longest-running Online Legal Portal for Lawyers in Pakistan. We started back in 2016 and have gone from strength to strength in creating a network of Online Lawyers that can cover a wide range of legal sectors.

We specialize in assisting overseas clients who are looking to resolve their legal issues in Pakistan. Our website is by far the most comprehensive Legal Website in Pakistan, and we have videos on our YouTube channel to assist people to understand the laws surrounding many issues that they may face, made by our Lawyers in Pakistan.

Meet some of the Team

Here are some of our team members who make 24Justice.pk happen; It is their dedication to their craft that allows them to assist our clients on a daily basis. Advocate Abdul Rehman is a well-respected Criminal Lawyer who takes care of our Islamabad and Rawalpindi division.

Advocate Yasir Chugtai handles our Karachi wing, with his decades-long experience in Civil Litigation. and Advocate Azam Ali Khan manages Lahore, who specializes in Property matters.

Family Lawyers in Pakistan

Family Lawyers deal with cases that pertain to family life; Prenuptial Agreements, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Wills and probates, etc. Our family Lawyers are well versed in the letter and spirit of the laws of Pakistan and are always available to help you.

Usually, when our clients are abroad, they tend to feel that they are at a disadvantage because they don’t know how things work in Pakistan. This is where we can be of assistance. as we have a vast network of Family Lawyers that possess expertise in Family Law (That can operate as Online Lawyers in Pakistan).

Divorce Lawyers in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Divorce is a rather easier and straightforward process (When compared to other countries like the UK or US). Providing that the marriage took place in Pakistan, we can almost always ensure that your divorce matters would be better dealt with in Pakistan with one of our expert Divorce Lawyers.

There are a handful of ways that divorces in Pakistan happen; Through

Mutual Divorce



Whether it’s a clean break or a messy situation with matters of Fake Dowry claims, outstanding Bridal Gifts recovery, or Alimony, Our Divorce Lawyers in Pakistan are always here to help you.

Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan

Child Custody Lawyers tend to deal with the very sensitive, and in some cases very drastic, matters relating to the welfare of children born from a marriage that has ended in divorce. We have both male and female lawyers who can assist you with such delicate matters (That can operate as Online Lawyers in Pakistan) .

Matters relating to

Child Custody

Child Guardianship

Child Visitation

Claiming Child Maintenance

Parental Abduction

Change in Custody, are just a few aspects that Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan have to deal with. To speak to one of our Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan, contact us via Whatsapp.

Corporate Lawyers in Pakistan

Corporate Lawyers in Pakistan deal with every legal aspect of starting and running a business in Pakistan. From overseeing outsourced contracts to dealing with business disputes, our Best Corporate Lawyers in Pakistan are here for you.

We can assist with drafting contracts, setting up your business, registering your trademark, dealing with staff, debt collection, and much more. We also offer exclusive monthly contracts for our legal services to clients that need a Corporate lawyer in Pakistan to act as a company legal consultant.

Criminal Lawyers in Pakistan

Criminal Lawyers in Pakistan deal with matters relating to Crimes that involve individuals, Police, or other Federal Agencies, against an individual or company. In the cases or instances where a client requires Police assistance, our Top criminal lawyers in Pakistan are here to help!

Whether you are looking to register an FIR, or if an FIR is not being registered, our criminal lawyers in Pakistan can push the matter to ensure Justice. We can assist with matters of Bail and Serious crimes, including harassment, defamation, fraud, and cybercrimes.

Property Lawyers in Pakistan

Property Lawyers in Pakistan deal with the routine matters that landlords and tenants face daily. They also deal with matters relating to property disputes when it comes to transferring properties from one party to another, as well as dealing with illegal occupation of the property (known as qabza).

In most circumstances, we find that Legal Arbitration produces better output and results. That’s why speaking to one of our Top Property Lawyers in Pakistan may be a better solution for you.

Real Estate Lawyers in Pakistan

Real Estate Lawyers in Pakistan deal mainly with the Buying, Renting, Leasing, and Selling of Property in Pakistan. Each matter is dealt with differently, whether it’s a Residential or Commercial area that is being dealt with.

Knowing who the real owner of the property is, ensuring that you are dealing with the right people, to begin with (to avoid matters of fraud), and conveyancing the property from start to finish. When buying, leasing, renting, or selling your property our Real Estate Lawyers in Pakistan are here to help.

Verified Law Firms in Pakistan

Possession is 9/10th of the law – which is exactly the case in Pakistan. When dealing with our registered Law Firms in Pakistan, you can rest assured that we have our client’s best interests at heart.

We verify all our panel members (lawyers and law firms) and ensure that your matter is dealt with professionally and swiftly. That’s why people come to 24Justice to find trusted Law Firms in Pakistan.

Police Assistance

Matters involving the Police are dealt with by our Criminal Lawyers. In Pakistan, everyone has a right to an attorney, so when engaging a Criminal Lawyer in Pakistan, always make sure that they are willing to go to every agency involved in your case, as our lawyers are.

Our lawyers can assist you with filling out relevant applications to relevant departments, along with giving your testimony for evidence. If you are not in the country, then our attorneys can act on your behalf (to their maximum capacity) with a Power of Attorney.

Barristers and Solicitors in Pakistan

The concept of a Barrister or Solicitors in Pakistan is simple; A Barrister pleads and argues the case before a Judge and Jury, whilst the Solicitor prepares the case for trial. In Pakistan, a Lawyer tends to do both, as they have a team of draughtsmen, juniors and clerks who manage the research and writing.

Solicitors in Pakistan tend to work as a team with their law firms, and Barristers in Pakistan tend to be hired by Lawyers of Pakistan to present certain cases (when needed). To speak to our team, simply contact us on 0308 551 0031 or 0092 308 5510031 (if you are contacting us from outside of Pakistan).

Lawyers for Overseas Pakistanis

We have specialist Lawyers for Overseas Pakistanis who are fluent in English and tend to practice in litigation that falls directly under the overseas realm. We ensure that we relay important information efficiently and that we are available for our overseas clients.

Our Online Lawyers in Pakistan that specialize in Overseas cases work with many of our clients, so be rest assured that we have an excellent track record of customer service and work satisfaction. Contact us today on 0308 551 0031 or 0092 308 5510031 (if you are contacting us from outside of Pakistan).