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The heart and soul of innovation today is down to human creativity and innovation, which (unless protected by Patent Lawyers in Pakistan) could be left in peril by copycat competitors. In this article we are going to discuss the different kinds of Patents in Pakistan, and how they can be registered in Pakistan (as Intellectual Property) for global use, or protected by a Patent owner whether they are in Pakistan or abroad.

Whether you are an individual or a business, Patent Registration and Protection are both vital for the growth and/or development of your venture. A Patent is a grant from the Government that allows you to exclusively use your patent for a limited period so that the inventor/creator of that patent can get its full benefits exclusively in the market (by excluding and preventing other entities from using it without their express permission or license).

The Different Types of Patents a Patent Lawyer in Pakistan deals with

  • Utility Patents
  • Design Patents
  • Plant Patents
  • Trade Secrets

5 Requirements for Registering a Utility Patent in Pakistan


  1. The Invention must be Patentable
    • It has to be created by a human by a specific by using a specific method, for example, physical phenomenons, abstract ideas, naturally formed products, or products made mysteriously and randomly would not qualify for a patent to be granted.
  2. The Invention must be useful
    • The product must have identifiable benefits and must be capable of being used.
  3. The invention must be New and Unique
    1. If there is a similar invention that is patented or patent-pending, then the likelihood of getting the patent would be subject to your proof of innovativeness.
  4. The Innovation must be nonobvious
    1. The patent officer who scrutinizes the patent application must deem that the innovation (or enhancement to the innovation) is not an obvious improvement.
  5. Patent Application must be Clear
    1. When filing a Utility Patent, the process of manufacturing the invention and its use should be clear in order to increase the chances of the patent being granted.

What is a Design Patent in Pakistan?

Design patents are a type of patent that protects the ornamental or aesthetic features of a product (unlike copyright which focuses purely on design). They are granted to inventors who have created a new, original, and non-obvious design for a product.

Unlike utility patents, which protect the functionality or usefulness of an invention, design patents protect only the appearance or visual design of an invention. Design patents are typically granted for a set period of time from the date of issuance and provide inventors with exclusive rights to their designs.

Utility Patent in Pakistan

Utility patents, on the other hand, protect the functional aspects of an invention. They are granted to inventors who have created a new, useful, and non-obvious process, the machine, the article of manufacture, or the composition of matter.

Utility patents provide inventors with exclusive rights to their inventions for a set period from the date of filing the patent application. Utility patents are the most common type of patent and are used to protect a wide range of inventions, from complex technological innovations to simple mechanical devices.

Plant Patent Applications

Plant patents are another type of patent that protects the asexually reproduced varieties of plants. They are granted to inventors who have created a new, distinct, and uniform variety of plants, including hybrids.

Plant patents provide inventors with exclusive rights to their plant varieties for a set period from the date of filing the patent application. Plant patents are used to protect a wide range of plant varieties, from new and improved strains of fruits and vegetables to ornamental plants.

Protecting a Trade Secret in Pakistan

Trade secrets, on the other hand, are a type of intellectual property that protects confidential information that gives a company a competitive advantage. Trade secrets can include anything from customer lists to proprietary manufacturing processes.

Unlike patents, which are publicly disclosed, trade secrets are kept confidential and can be protected indefinitely. To be considered a trade secret, the information must be valuable, not generally known, and subject to reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy. Companies can use nondisclosure agreements and other legal tools to protect their trade secrets from being disclosed or stolen by competitors.

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