Child Adoption in Pakistan

Child Adoption in Pakistan

Child Adoption in Pakistan is a relatively straight forward process. Prospective Parent/s whom are seeking to adopt a child have many Legal obstacles and hurdles to face when they look towards adopting a child from Pakistan, especially if they are looking to take them abroad and re-settle them there. Luckily, we have Adoption Lawyers who can assist in this matter.

A Child will be assigned to the adopting parents (there will be no choice offered) once the parents qualify. To Qualify, the Occupation of the Prospective Parents, as well as their Social and Financial Status are all brought forward when cases for Child Adoption Pakistan are presented before the court. All the courts will consider in these cases would be the overall interest and welfare of the minor.

When adopting a child, the following will be required:-

  1. 2 Guarantors, who live in Pakistan, and can arrive to court on dates of hearing that can take a Guarantee for the Potential Parents that the child will be kept as a child, and will not be found as a Servant/Worker in Future
  2. A Bond of Rs.10,00,000/- in the name of the child, so that the child may use it in the future, if it ever needs to,

Adopting a child from a relative or friend in Pakistan

If you are adopting a child from your family member from Pakistan (close or distant) their forfeiture of Parental rights and Status would also be required, and in some cases, sureties would also be required that they are not handing over their children by force, and it is indeed in the interest of the welfare of the minor.

In some cases, a Grand-Parent, relative, or friend (who knows of the child and that the child is not in safe hands) can gain custody of a child by relieving the existing parents of their legal status. It is noted however, strong grounds are required for such cases, and would involve lengthy proceedings, where the Petitioner (The Prospective Parent) would need to establish grounds as to why they would have right over the child against the child’s existing Parents (i.e. if the Parents neglect the child, or are criminals/drug users etc etc). has several great Child Adoption Lawyers and Child Adoption Advocates in our panel, who have handed hundreds of such cases. We can even assist you in finding and working with local NGO’s and Orphanages.  Our Lawyers also abide by our “ Fixed Fee Policy” which means you do not have to worry about any unknown and hidden extra charges.

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