How to Set Up a Business in Dubai from Pakistan

How to Set Up a Business in Dubai from Pakistan

How to Set Up a Business in Dubai from Pakistan


As the leading online legal platform in Pakistan, with years of experience and deep personal connections with industry leaders in the UAE, we offer unparalleled service in guiding Pakistani entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in Dubai. This city, known for its dynamic economy and investor-friendly climate, stands as a beacon of opportunity for those seeking growth amidst Pakistan’s economic challenges.


Our guide provides a comprehensive roadmap for setting up a business in Dubai, highlighting the strategic benefits of this global business hub. Dubai’s appeal extends beyond its tax incentives and diverse economy; it is a city that blends opportunity with stability, making it an ideal destination for Pakistani business owners.


Through our extensive network and expertise, we simplify the complexities of international business setup. This guide covers everything from choosing the right business activity and understanding the legal frameworks of Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore companies, to navigating Dubai’s straightforward visa processes and family relocation benefits.


We also delve into the nuances of property ownership in Dubai, offering insights into investment opportunities for expatriates. Additionally, our guide provides essential tips on adapting to the UAE’s business culture, ensuring a smooth transition for Pakistani entrepreneurs.


Advantages of Setting Up Business in Dubai


Dubai’s business landscape offers a plethora of advantages, making it an ideal destination for Pakistani entrepreneurs. Key among these is the city’s strategic geographic location, serving as a gateway between East and West. This prime positioning enables easy access to global markets, facilitating international trade and commerce.

The city’s tax regime is another significant draw. Dubai boasts a 0% tax on both personal and corporate incomes, with the only notable tax being a 5% VAT, introduced in 2018. This low-tax environment is highly attractive to businesses looking to maximize profits while operating within a legitimate financial framework.

A Future in Front of a Future

Furthermore, Dubai’s economy is diverse and vibrant, home to numerous thriving sectors like technology, healthcare, and hospitality. This diversity not only provides a range of business opportunities but also ensures economic resilience. The commitment to diversifying beyond oil has created a business landscape conducive to innovation and growth.

The quality of life in Dubai is another factor that appeals to business owners. The city ranks high in terms of safety, healthcare, education, and lifestyle, offering a comfortable environment for families. Moreover, the UAE’s proactive startup support, with several incubators and funding initiatives, significantly aids business growth and development.

Dubai: The Real Land of Business Opportunities

Dubai’s progressive and forward-thinking strategies have created a business-friendly environment that rewards ambition and innovation. The government’s incentives for new businesses, coupled with a straightforward company formation process, make Dubai an appealing challenge for business-minded individuals.

For Pakistani entrepreneurs, the combination of these factors makes Dubai not just a business destination but a place for growth, opportunities, and a better quality of life. Our expertise and connections within this landscape provide a solid foundation for Pakistani businesses to flourish in Dubai.


Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up a Business in Dubai from Pakistan


For Pakistani entrepreneurs aspiring to establish a business in Dubai, here’s a tailored step-by-step guide:

  1. Decide on Business Structure and Activity:
    1. Choose between Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore. Each has unique benefits and suits different needs. Our Corporate Company Formation Experts can guide you on the best options based on your circumstances.
    2.  Select your business activity in line with Dubai’s regulations. Each zone permits specific activities.
  2. Trade Name Registration:
    1. Register a business name that complies with UAE’s legal and cultural norms. Avoid names that are offensive or resemble existing brands.
    2. We have a team of Intellectual Property Lawyers who can assist you with this matter, which can include registering your trademark in the UAE
  3. Legal Documentation and Power of Attorney:
    1. Prepare necessary documents, including the Memorandum of Association and shareholders’ details. In some cases, you may need a Power of Attorney if you are appointing someone in Dubai to act on your behalf, which we can cover if you’re in Pakistan (or anywhere in the world, when working with us).
  4. Office Space and Local Sponsor (if needed):
    1. Dubai once required a Local Sponsor to register a business, but now that is not required in the majority of cases, especially in Freezone business setups.
    2. For a few Mainland businesses, securing office space and finding a local sponsor (UAE national), who will hold a nominal stake in your business may be required, which we could facilitate in, if need be.
  5. Business Licensing and Approvals:
    1. Apply for the appropriate business license based on your activity. Some activities may require additional approvals from relevant authorities, which (through our experience, along with our diverse, deep, and extensive network) can assist you with.
    2. The approvals required would vary based on the nature of the business, and the structure of the business along with how it operates. Here we can assist you (end to end) in getting approvals and NOCs.
  6. Opening a Corporate Bank Account:
    1. Open a bank account in Dubai. You might need to visit Dubai for this, although some banks may allow remote account opening, depending on the business in question.
  7. Visa Processing and Medical Tests:
    1. Apply for visas for yourself and your dependents. This is done seamlessly and smoothly due to the advanced infrastructure Dubai has with its immigration process.
    2. Ensure all family members undergo the necessary health checks and obtain the required documentation for visa processing.
  8. Finalizing the Setup:
    1. Complete any remaining legal formalities, including registering with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and obtaining any necessary insurance. Again, when working with us, we can assist with everything from start to finish.
  9. Commence Business Operations:
    1. Once all legal and administrative processes are complete, you can start your business operations in Dubai.


This guide, specifically tailored for Pakistani entrepreneurs, simplifies the process of setting up a business in Dubai. For more detailed assistance and to navigate through each step efficiently, our expert services are designed to provide seamless support from start to finish.


Ease of Visa Application and Family Relocation in Dubai


Dubai offers a streamlined visa process, making it accessible for Pakistani entrepreneurs and their families to relocate and settle in the city. Here are the key steps and considerations:


  • Visa Application Process:
    • Upon company formation, apply for investor visas for yourself and employee visas if needed.
    • Family visas can be applied for spouses, children, and dependents, enabling the whole family to relocate to Dubai.
  • Medical Tests:
    • Medical fitness tests, a prerequisite for UAE visas, can be conveniently done.
    • Ensure all family members undergo these tests and acquire the necessary medical certificates as part of the visa application.
  • Required Documentation:
    • Gather essential documents, including passports, marriage certificates for spouse visas, and birth certificates for children’s visas.
    • it is important to note that passports must have a minimum validity of 6 months for visas to be processed.
    • Additional documents may be required based on the specific type of visa being applied for.
  • Visa Processing and Approval:
    • Submit the visa applications along with the required documentation. The processing time can vary, but Dubai’s efficient system usually ensures a swift turnaround.
    • Once approved, visas are stamped on the passports, granting legal entry and residence in the UAE.
  • Relocating to Dubai:
    • Plan the relocation, considering aspects like housing, schooling for children, and healthcare facilities. Our partners can assist you with this from start to finish if required.
    • Dubai offers a high standard of living, with various options to cater to different lifestyle needs and preferences.
  • Settling In:
    • On arrival in Dubai, familiarize yourself with local laws, cultural norms, and the expatriate community.
    • Utilize the available support systems and networks to ease the transition for your family.


The ease of obtaining visas and the facilities available for families make Dubai a desirable location for Pakistani business owners seeking to relocate. Our service ensures you navigate this process smoothly, from visa application to settling into life in Dubai.


Pakistan-UAE Economic Relationship


The economic relationship between Pakistan and the UAE is marked by robust trade, investment, and shared strategic interests, fostering an ideal environment for Pakistani businesses in Dubai. The UAE, notably Dubai, has been a significant trade partner for Pakistan, with bilateral trade encompassing a wide range of sectors, from textiles to technology. This close economic partnership is underpinned by numerous bilateral agreements facilitating trade and investment.


For Pakistani entrepreneurs, the UAE’s economic landscape presents diverse opportunities. The UAE’s commitment to economic diversification, coupled with its strategic location, positions Dubai as a gateway to global markets. This is particularly beneficial for Pakistani businesses looking to expand their reach beyond regional confines.


Moreover, the UAE’s policy reforms, aimed at attracting foreign investment, resonate well with Pakistani business interests. These reforms include ease of doing business, 100% foreign ownership in certain sectors, and long-term residency options for investors. The strong presence of the Pakistani expatriate community in the UAE further enhances business relations, providing a supportive network for new entrants.


Our deep personal links with industry leaders in the UAE place us in a unique position to offer our Pakistani clients unmatched service. From navigating legal complexities to establishing business connections, our expertise and connections ensure a seamless business setup experience in Dubai.


Property Ownership and Investment in Dubai



Dubai offers lucrative property investment opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs, with options for long-term residency. Here are key points:


  • Freehold Property Ownership:
    • Expatriates, including Pakistanis, can own property in designated freehold areas in Dubai.
    • This ownership grants full property rights, including the ability to sell, lease, or bequeath the property.
  • Investment Benefits:
    • Property investment can lead to long-term residency visas, including the 10-year Golden Visa for investments above a certain threshold.
    • Dubai’s real estate market is known for its high rental yields and capital appreciation potential.
  • Legal and Financial Considerations:
    • Engage a reputable real estate agent and legal advisor to navigate the purchasing process, legalities, and financial implications.
    • Be aware of additional costs, including registration fees, agent commissions, and maintenance costs.
  • Residential Areas and Property Types:
    • Dubai offers a range of residential areas catering to different lifestyles, from bustling city centers to serene beachfront communities.
    • Choose from various property types, such as apartments, villas, and townhouses, depending on your lifestyle needs and investment goals.
  • Financing Options:
    • Banks in Dubai offer mortgage options for expatriates, subject to certain conditions and eligibility criteria.
    • Assess different financing options to find the most suitable one for your investment.


Property investment in Dubai not only offers financial returns but also enhances your lifestyle and residency options. Our services guide the property investment journey, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for Pakistani investors.


Cultural Etiquette and Business Practices in the UAE


Understanding and adapting to cultural etiquette and business practices in the UAE is crucial for success in Dubai. Here are some key aspects:


  • Business Etiquette:
    • Emirati business culture values personal relationships and face-to-face meetings. Initial meetings are often about building trust and rapport.
    • Dress conservatively and professionally for business meetings. Respect local customs and traditions.
  • Communication Style:
    • Communication tends to be polite and indirect. It’s important to read between the lines and understand non-verbal cues.
    • Patience is vital in negotiations. Decisions may take longer than expected, reflecting the consultative nature of the business environment.
  • Networking and Relationships:
    • Networking is a cornerstone of business in Dubai. Attend industry events and social gatherings to build your network. Our partners regularly host such events, which you would have access to as our client.
    • Strong relationships are foundational to business success. Invest time in cultivating and maintaining business relationships.
  • Understanding Islamic Practices:
    • Respect Islamic practices and holidays. Be mindful of prayer times and Ramadan observance in scheduling meetings and business operations (just like in Pakistan).
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    • Familiarize yourself with local laws and business regulations. Compliance is critical in the UAE, especially AML.
    • Consider using our local business consultant or legal advisors to navigate the legal landscape in Dubai.


Adhering to these cultural norms and business practices will facilitate smoother business operations and help in building lasting relationships in the UAE.


Understanding  the UAE with a Pakistani Perspective


Here are 10 facts about the UAE and Pakistan, including details about the Pakistani population in Dubai:

  1. Bilateral Trade: The UAE is one of Pakistan’s largest trading partners, with significant bilateral trade in various sectors like textiles, machinery, and electronics.
  2. Remittances: Pakistan receives substantial remittances from its expatriate community in the UAE, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s economy.
  3. Diplomatic Relations: Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the UAE upon its formation in 1971, and diplomatic relations have been strong since then.
  4. Pakistani Population in UAE: The UAE hosts a large and thriving Pakistani community, with over 1.5 million Pakistanis living in the country, contributing to various sectors of the economy.
  5. Cultural Exchange: There is a rich cultural exchange between the UAE and Pakistan, with both countries hosting various cultural events and festivals to celebrate their traditions.
  6. Educational Cooperation: Many Pakistani educational institutions have collaborations with their counterparts in the UAE, enhancing academic exchange and opportunities.
  7. Investment Ties: UAE investors have significant investments in Pakistan, especially in banking, telecommunication, and property sectors.
  8. Tourism and Travel: The UAE is a popular destination for Pakistani tourists, with Dubai being one of the top choices due to its shopping, entertainment, and business opportunities.
  9. Air Travel Connectivity: There are frequent and direct flights between Pakistan and the UAE, making it one of the most connected routes for Pakistan internationally.
  10. Workforce Contribution: Pakistani expatriates form a significant part of the workforce in the UAE, particularly in the construction, retail, and service sectors.


Why Dubai is a Preferred Choice for Pakistanis over Western Countries


For many Pakistanis, Dubai stands out as a more attractive destination than Western countries due to several key factors:

  • Proximity and Cultural Familiarity:
    • Dubai’s geographical closeness to Pakistan reduces travel time and costs. The cultural similarities, including language and food, make the transition smoother compared to Western countries.
  • Economic Opportunities:
    • Dubai’s booming economy offers diverse business opportunities, especially in trade, technology, and tourism, sectors where many Pakistanis excel. The ease of doing business in Dubai is often more straightforward than in many Western countries.
  • Safety and Stability:
    • Dubai is renowned for its safety and political stability, which is a significant consideration for families, compared to the varying social and political climates in Western nations.
  • Community Presence:
    • A substantial Pakistani community in Dubai provides a support network, easing integration and offering a sense of belonging that might be harder to find in Western countries.
  • Family-Friendly Environment:
    • Dubai’s family-oriented culture, with access to quality education and healthcare, aligns well with Pakistani family values.
  • Visa and Residency Policies:
    • The UAE’s visa policies, including long-term and investor visas, are often more accessible and less stringent than those in many Western countries.
  • Investment and Property Ownership:
    • Opportunities for property investment and business growth in Dubai can lead to long-term residency options, a pathway that can be more complex in Western countries.

Dubai offers a blend of familiarity, opportunity, and lifestyle that is particularly appealing to Pakistanis looking for a balance between cultural values and economic growth.


Your Gateway to Success in Dubai


Dubai offers unparalleled opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs, and we at 24Justice are uniquely positioned to guide you through this journey. Our deep connections in the UAE, combined with years of expertise serving the Pakistani market, ensure a seamless and successful business setup. From navigating legal complexities to leveraging cultural insights, we provide tailored support every step of the way.

Choose us for our unparalleled service, deep industry connections, and comprehensive guidance. Contact us today to transform your business aspirations into reality in the thriving landscape of Dubai.

Let’s embark on this journey together, where your success is our priority.

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