Employment and Labor Court Lawyers in Pakistan Labour Rights

Employment and Labour Court Lawyers in Pakistan


Employment and Labor lawyers in Pakistan operate in Specifically made Labour courts in Pakistan, set up to resolve issues and grievances by Workers from their current/ex Employers. Employment Law is currently in a Fragile State in Pakistan, with Workers and Employees unaware of their Fundamental rights.

Your Rights as an Employee working in Pakistan

Some (But not all) Constitutional Rights Enshrined by Law are as follows:-

  • Prevention of Child Labour
  • Prevention of Forced Labour
  • Prevention of Bound Labour / Slavery
  • The Right to Form Unions and Exercise Freedom of Association
  • The Right of Equality and Prohibition of Discrimination on Gender, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Gender
  • The Right for Security from Employer, and Humane Working Conditions
  • The right to a 30 Day wage if terminated (exceptions are involved ie in instances of Misconduct or Gross Negligence etc etc)
  • The Right to Contest Unfair Dismissal
  • The Prevention of Illegal or Immoral Salary deductions
  • The Prevention of withholding Payments or Salaries unnecessarily

If you have been a victim of Criminal activity at work, such as Illegal Detainment, Harassment, Defamation, Unfair Dismissal, Bullying or Malicious Abuse of Company By-Laws, you should Lodge FIR’s with the Police in the jurisdiction of where the illegalities took place. You may also be entitled to further compensation, subject to the evidence and actual matters of the case. For those specific details, you would need to speak to our Specialist Employment and Labour Lawyers of Pakistan, who are experts in this field.

Who can Employment and Labour Court Lawyers Assist in Pakistan?

Whether you are an Employer, or an Employee, we can help you in advising the best way to Improve your current situation or whether to make a claim against a former Employer/Employee.  Our Lawyers also abide by our “24Justice.pk Fixed Fee Policy” which means you do not have to worry about any unknown and hidden extra charges.

How to get in touch with a Labour or Employment Court Specialist?


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