Lawyers in Lahore

24Justice has its head office as well as regional offices in Lahore, so finding reliable Lawyers in Lahore has never been easier! We have experienced Lawyers, as well as all over Pakistan.

We are the first Legal Tech firm in Pakistan to provide reliable legal service in Pakistan to our clients both in Pakistan and abroad. You might be wondering about what kind of services we offer in Lahore? Let us tell you a little bit about what we can offer, but first, meet some of our team members.

Law Firms in Lahore

There are approximately 160,000+ registered lawyers in Pakistan, with 98,000+ being registered in Punjab alone. Finding the right Law firm from a list of Lawyers in Lahore is not an easy job.

Our Digital Legal Portal in Lahore boasts a vast array of Legal Experts on their panel that offer a wide range of specialties, and we are no different. Below are just a few key aspects that we offer.

Family Lawyers in Lahore

24Justice.pk’s Family Lawyers team consists of one of the most reputed Lawyers that Pakistan has ever seen. An advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Agha Abul Hassan Arif is regarded as one of the best Family Lawyers in Pakistan; He has been around Family Courts in Lahore back when there was only 1 Guardian Court!

Our Family Lawyers in Lahore are well-versed and Experienced in Divorce cases, Inheritance matters, and Succession Certificates. A key element of our expertise is also in Child Custody matters, such as obtaining a Guardianship Certificate in Pakistan, Child Visitation, and claiming Child Maintenance.

Criminal Lawyers in Lahore

If you find yourself in a situation with other agencies in Pakistan (For Example, the Federal Investigation Authority) our criminal lawyers in Pakistan can also assist you with handling these matters also. We have Criminal Lawyers that are Legal Experts in all kinds of Criminal Law; such as Fraud, Narcotics, Theft, Murder, Assault, Cheque Fraud, and Bail in Pakistan (Pre arrest bail in Pakistan and Post Arrest Bail in Pakistan ).

One of our Top Criminal Lawyers in Lahore, Advocate Shozab Ali Awan, has an excellent background and resume in handling intricate and complex criminal cases. His experiences include several cases involving the Police, FIA, and other agencies.

Corporate Lawyers in Lahore

A Corporate Lawyer in Pakistan is someone who takes care of every legal aspect that a company will face in its day-to-day activities. From Staring your business (Setting up a business in Pakistan) to running your business.

Our Corporate Lawyers handle Trademark Registration, Contract Law, Corporate Dispute Resolution, Patent Laws, Employment Laws, Debt Recovery in Pakistan, and Cases of Breach of Contract. One of our Best Corporate Lawyers in Lahore is Advocate Shahbaz Ali Khan, whose experience has helped hundreds of our clients.

Banking Lawyers in Lahore

Banking Lawyers in Lahore are specialists in Banking and Finance Laws, that deal specifically with banking issues that customers (of banks) may face when handling their financial affairs. Specifically (but not limited to) banking lawyers deal with illegal markups and fees, unaccountable transfers and losses of funds, and fraud/forgery.

On our panel, we have a seasoned veteran of Banking and Finance laws, Advocate Azam Khan. His experience and diversity in this sector have been widely recognized as the best in Pakistan (and has also appeared in many cases on behalf of our high-net-worth clients getting desired results).

Solicitors in Lahore

A Solicitor in Lahore, in its general sense, is a Legal Professional who handles a legal matter in its primary stages. Our Solicitors in Lahore are expert Litigators, and often conduct Legal Arbitration in Pakistan.

Our Solicitors are also available to draft Legal Notices and guide you on how to proceed or conclude any existing matters you may be experiencing. Luckily, we at 24Justice are here with experienced, qualified, vetted, and well-rounded Lawyers and Law Firms in Lahore ready to discuss your legal matter with you today.

Property Lawyers in Lahore

Property Lawyers in Lahore manage aspects of Property Sales, Property Transfers (Conveyancing), and Property disputes. Our team of Property Lawyers in Pakistan are well-versed in all the avenues of Property dispute resolution, Property Fraud and are always available for you.

The Best Property Lawyers in Lahore Team is always available to guide you on Property Laws in Pakistan. Property Lawyers in Lahore also handle legal matters relating to inheritance, Partition of Property, and can offer assistance in Purchasing a Property in Pakistan.

General Lawyers in Lahore

There are 84 Police Stations in Lahore where our Criminal Lawyers in Pakistan can assist you with your legal matter; from simple Police assistance (to accompany you to the Police Station) to launching (and defending) an FIR. In the event that your FIR doesn’t get registered, our Criminal Lawyers in Lahore can also pursue the matter in Court via 22a 22b Petition.

The Best Lawyers in Lahore are always at hand to review existing cases and to offer impartial advice, irrespective of what stage your legal matter is on. Whether it’s for a NADRA matter, Medical Negligence Matter, Defamation matter; Civil or Criminal Matter, they are here to help.

Attorneys in Lahore

Our Attorneys in Lahore consist both of male and female lawyers in Lahore are on our panel abide by our Fixed-Fee Policy, which makes it easier for you, as a valued client, to work with us with ease. We also facilitate mediation between our clients and attorneys at every stage of engagement.

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