Legal Notice Online in Pakistan

Legal notice online in Pakistan is a formal correspondence that one party sends to another individual, organization, or company informing them of their legal rights and concerns. This can also serve as a notice to inform the other party of their intended actions, as well as an opportunity to resolve the dispute if they comply with their demands.

Whether you are intending on sending a legal notice, or you have just received one, this article is for you! Today we will discuss the use of a legal notice online in Pakistan, along with how to draft one, and what you should do if you receive one.

respondent was inducted in property as licensee till demand for vacation-issuance of legal notice regarding vacation of property-mandatory requirement

PLJ  2019  Law Note (Civil) 142

A legal Notice in Pakistan is sent to someone for many reasons, a few of which are mentioned here;-

  1. To Cease and Desist – This is a notice sent to stop someone or an organization from doing something that harms you or infringes on your right, such as a copyright infrengement.
  2. As a Warning – This is a notice that is more commonly used to warn someone that you are willing to take legal action until and unless they do something you are requesting to resolve your issue, the best example being debt recovery.
  3. For initiation of Legal Action – In some cases (such as a case of Consumer Complaints).

Learned trial court has referred to legal notice available on record and held that without service of legal notice a suit for malicious prosecution cannot proceed

PLJ  2019  Law Note (Civil) 160

A legal notice in Pakistan can be sent by one of these 3 people:-

  1. By the individual issuing it directly
  2. Through a lawyer representing an indiidual or a company
  3. Through an individual in possession and control of a Power of Attorney

Your legal notice should have the sender’s name and address, the receiver’s names and addresses, and the cause of action (for the legal notice). How you mention the cause of notice should be legally accurate, and in the ideal situation, you should add citations to the law when necessary. If you are open to resolving the matter amicably (especially if you are using it as a means of legal arbitration) then add your demands to it as well.

Respondent has also failed to mention date when cause of action has arisen in his favour and before approaching learned consumer court he had issued any legal notice to appellant or not–whereas under section28(1) & (3) of act issuance of notice is mandatory and without such legal notice complaint cannot be filed

PLJ  2019  Law Note (Civil) 152

Courts often appreciate parties that use legal notices, as it shows that they tried to resolve the matter out of court, amicably. If you have received a legal notice, then you have one of two options; to either comply with their demands or to send a rebuttal by sending a response to the legal notice. Some people ignore legal notices, but we would never recommend that, as judges will never see that in a positive light.

Replying to a legal notice means going through their letter and responding to each of their allegations, as well as adding a few of your own. This is why hiring one of our top lawyers in Pakistan to help you with it.

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