PDA stands for public display of affection and can include anything from holding hands to kissing in public. Pakistani culture is generally more reserved when it comes to physical contact between members of the opposite sex. While there are no specific laws against PDA, public displays of affection are often seen as offensive and can lead to charges of moral turpitude. In some cases, PDA has also been used as a pretext for sexual harassment and assault.

In order to avoid potential charges for PDA, it is best to err on the side of caution. It is also, in general, considered inappropriate to discuss sexual matters in public. This means that if you are traveling with a partner or spouse, you should avoid holding hands or kissing in public, or discussing your sexual history with strangers.

PDA can also draw unwanted attention. Furthermore, couples that openly display affection may be assumed to have a looser relationship with their respective family members.

Pakistan’s Law Regarding PDA

Pakistan’s law does not specifically mention PDA, but it does have laws against public indecent behavior. In general, public displays of affection are considered to be inappropriate and offensive. Violators can be fined or jailed for up to six months. The punishment for PDA varies depending on the type of behavior. As a general rule, police officers will simply tell you to stop and leave the area if you are engaging in minor PDA. If the behavior is more serious, they will arrest you. In Pakistan, PDA is considered to be a public offense only if it involves physical contact. As long as there is no physical contact between a couple in public, it is generally not considered illegal.

Some people argue that PDA should not be considered a crime, as it is a natural expression of love and affection. However, others believe that PDA is disrespectful and offensive and should be punishable by law.

Section 294 of the PPC states: “Whoever, to the annoyance of others; a) does any obscene act in any public place, or b) sings, recites or utters any obscene songs, ballad or words, in or near any public place, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both”.

According to this penal code, it is still unclear; what obscenity actually is. Men, but not only them, use such language unashamedly. Also, nobody condemns men who dare to humiliate women or show affection for them in public, either verbally or via perverted behaviors. This is not considered to be an obscenity. Nevertheless, our patriarchal society has regarded treating women nicely or behaving kindly toward them in a negative and appalling way.

In Pakistan, the public display of affection is considered a crime. PDA can result in charges of obscenity or public indecency. There have been several high-profile cases of people being arrested for engaging in PDA, including a couple who were caught kissing in a park and a man who was caught hugging his wife in public. Although the law is not uniformly enforced, it does act as a deterrent to many people who would otherwise engage in PDA.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to engage in PDA. If you do choose to display affection in public, be aware that you could face the consequences under Pakistani law.

Punishment for PDA in Pakistan

In Pakistan, public displays of affection are generally considered taboo. Couples who are caught engaging in PDA can be subject to public humiliation and even physical violence. In some cases, they may also be arrested and charged with moral crimes. While the punishment for PDA varies depending on the circumstances, it is typically a very severe penalty. Under Section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code, if you are found to be involved in an obscene act or a “grossly scandalous” act in public, you can be subject to a prison sentence of up to six months. If you are found to be involved in an obscene act or a grossly scandalous act in a public place where children may be present, you can be subject to a prison sentence of up to three years.

The most common car stories

We all have heard these car stories where a couple, be they married or just a dating couple have encountered a police situation. Usually what happens is when a couple is caught being intimate or kissing in a parked car, the police question their relationship and threaten to arrest the couple. Most of the time people bribe them to get away from the situation and to avoid humiliation. The act of affection in a private car is not a PDA. A car is not a public space. Therefore no policeman is allowed to question a couple or to charge any penalty let alone arrest them. If the police find any couple who are not married, in a private car in an offensive state, they can file an FIR under ‘zina’ ordinance and only then can make an arrest. Therefore for women, there is a law according to which only the superintendent can take an action.


In Pakistan, public displays of affection are generally considered to be inappropriate and offensive. This is because Pakistani culture places a high value on modesty and privacy, and public displays of affection are seen as violating these values. While there is no specific law against public displays of affection in Pakistan, the country’s strict social norms mean that couples who engage in PDA can expect to be reprimanded by those around them. In some cases, such as when PDA takes place in front of religious sites or in workplaces, it can also lead to more serious consequences.