Succession Certificate for Inheritence in Pakistan

What is a Succession Certificate?

A Succession Certificate is a method of obtaining Assets for a deceased member of the family to be distributed to each member of the family, as per law, to the family members. The Succession Certificate is obtained by a court of competent jurisdiction, and as per the Succession Act, 1925.

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How to get a Succession Certificate in Pakistan and its Procedure 

To request a succession certificate, you need to provide:-

  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Family Members (The Legal Heirs) CNIC/Identity documents, and details of relationship to the Deceased
  • Details of Assets; as well as statements/evidence of the assets. The Process often does get a little tricky when the number of heirs (claimants) are higher or have their own evidence, and they are then examined and correlated.
  • (In the Case of a minor gaining a Succession Certificate) A Guardian Certificate issued by a Court of Jurisdiction on Behalf of the Ward, giving right to their Guardian to make the claim.

The Process of getting an inheritance Certificate in Pakistan

There are 2 ways of filing for a succession certificate;

  1. Joint application (Where all the legal heirs/claimants present their case together) or
  2. Individual application (where the share of the heir/applicant is given via the succession certificate)

If you are not in Pakistan, then we can do this on your behalf using a Power of Attorney.

Duration of Getting a Succession Certificate in Pakistan

If a case is uncontested, then the procedure usually takes 1-2 months. In certain instances, it can take longer, especially when the claim by the heirs is contested by another party. This is something our Specialist Lawyer can inform you of. Our Lawyers also abide by our “ Fixed Fee Policy” which means you do not have to worry about any unknown and hidden extra charges.

Obtaining a Succession Certificate in Pakistan
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