NADRA Lawyer Correction Cases in Pakistan

NADRA Lawyer in Pakistan for dealing with NADRA cases

NADRA Lawyer Correction Cases in Pakistan

Every citizen of Pakistan will have their Personal Records saved with NADRA, but in some instances, corrections are required if the details stored in NADRA are incorrect. Sometimes its due to the incorrect details being submitted early, or its due to a change in circumstances. In both cases, our NADRA Lawyers and Lawyers of Pakistan are here ready and waiting to consult you about your matter.

What details can be changed in NADRA?

The details which can be amended in NADRA are

  1. Name
  2. Parents Name
  3. Marriage Details
  4. Family Tree Details
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Address
  7. Gender
  8. Religion

In order for the details to be corrected, evidence is required for the circumstances and verifications which the NADRA Lawyers will use.

For instance, if you are looking to register your online nikah into NADRA’s database, your nikahnama would be required.Once this is done, it would be ready for document attestation i.e. from the consulte of from the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

How to begin the NADRA Correction process online in Pakistan

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