Khula Application Format

Khula (Better known as Khulla in Pakistan) is when a woman wishes to file a divorce in Pakistan if she doesn’t have the right to give Talaaq (When she will need this khula application format). Khulla is the legal process of ending a marriage by dissolving the marriage through court.

This blog has a downloadable Khula Template Sample for the Suit of Dissolution of Marriage for Khula draft below, and a brief guide on what’s required with the suit. We don’t recommend that you use it until and unless you seek professional legal assistance. For more information on the Laws of Khulla, click here.

Where is this case filed?

Khulla is filed wherever the wife resides, in matters where the woman is abroad, she may file Khulla through a representative, which we can assist our clients with from start to finish. The process of Khula usually lasts 1-6 months (until you obtain your Court order for Khula) after which you need to get your divorce certificate from the Union Council.

When filing a suit for dissolution of marriage, try to attach a copy of your nikahnama (marriage certificate) along with your CNIC. Ensure also that the latest information of both parties (the wife filing for dissolution of marriage as well as her husband whom she is seeking the khula from) are mentioned to ensure that the notices sent from the court are received.

What matters usually accompany dissolution of marriage?

When an individual looking to file a case for dissolution of marriage by way of khula, they can request for Alimony, Child Maintenance and Recovery of Dowry (Bridal Gifts), and Haq Mehr. When you are claiming maintenance, it is advised to add as much information as possible of your soon-to-be-ex spouse’s income.

When claiming recovery for Dowry, try to add a list of all the items along with a price for each item. If you received these gifts in front of a witness, then you can add their witness statement to this also. If you have matters pertaining to Child Custody, then that is a separate suit altogether.

View Sample Khulla Format Form Template

Download a Template of Khula Application format

Please click below for the Khula application format with an easy-to-use guide on how to use your khula template sample in Pakistan.

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