Applying for Bail / Zamanat in Pakistan

Applying for Bail or Zamaanat Online in Pakistan

Being incarcerated or being Arrested is a very frustrating and emotionally consuming process. Bail out applications are fought with the greatest Vigor depending on the crime and department.

Surety Bond

According to criminal law, You may be asked to submit a surety bond (In the form of Cash, or Documentation of Land/Asset ownership, or in some cases a Cheque) or a local surety (Someone who will take responsibility for you and guarantee your return to the Police Station/Court) or both.

The Nature of the FIR / Complaint Lodged against the Person in question, as well as his Background, Criminal Record and Financial (As well as Social) Status would determine the Bail / Zamaanat amount levied by the institution against you.

Types of Bail / Zamaanat in Pakistan

The majority of Bails are usually Post – Arrest (After arrest bail) and last for the duration of the case, however, Interim Bail (Pre – arrest Bail, known as Uburi/Ubori Zamanat) Could also be applied for under certain circumstances, usually depending on the crime claimed to have been committed, or if there is a defensible argument that the person cannot be incarcerated due to the matter of the case and/or if incarcerating the individual will be detrimental to his well-being. These cases are meticulously scrutinized and defended before the Judge.

Intervention of Bail / Zamaanat in Pakistan

Intervention of Bail Application may also occur from District, Session, Criminal and Civil Courts to ensure someone does or does not get bail, and, on occasion, Evidence may also be used to determine whether the relief of Bail could be granted or not.

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