Sex Crimes in Pakistan generally fall under Rape (Section dafa 375 ppc) or “Unnatural offenses” in Pakistan Penal Code Section dafa 377 and dafa 377a. This is the only crime in Pakistan that carries the same sentence whether the victim is a human or an animal.

In this article, we will generally discuss crimes involving sexual contact and sexual intercourse, and the laws of Pakistan on each crime. Crimes of a Sexual Nature (That Criminal Lawyer in Pakistan needs to be familiar with) include:-

‘Unnatural Offence’ has been defined to be having voluntary carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal . It is very easy to

PLD 1951 Bal. 22

Sex Crimes of Pakistan

  • Rape
    • The act of forcing an individual to have sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual Abuse
    • Considered to be any act that an individual does or assists with, that involves (but is not limited to, whether with or without consent) the persuasion, inducement, enticement, or forceful acts of:-
      • Fondling
      • Stroking
      • Caressing
      • Exhibitionism and Voyeurism
      • Obscene and Sexually explicit conduct
      • Simulation of Sexual Conduct.
  • Carnal Sex
    • Acts of committing sexual intercourse with either a man, woman, or animal, may also involve buggery (anal sex). These offenses are covered in the Pakistan Penal Code under section dafa 377.
    • The Sentence for this crime can be life or 2-10 years.
  • Sexual Harassment
    • To harass an individual with sexual intimation.
  • Sex Trafficking
    • To kidnap individuals and transport them for the use of sex work.
  • Beastiality
    • To perform sexual acts, or to have sexual intercourse, with an animal (which would also fall under animal cruelty).
  • Paedophilia
    • To engage in sexual activity with a minor.
  • Adultery (Marital Affair) and Fornication (Premarital or Out of Marriage Sex)
    • To have a heterosexual sexual relationship with an individual outside of marriage.
  • Homosexuality
    • To have a sexual relationship with an individual of the same gender.

That accused committed rape with minor girl, and applied for his bail, the Court of law can not grant bail to accused in such like society offence, save the honour and dignity of citizens are also fundamental duty of the Court, bail of accused was cancelled.

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