Online Nikkah Nama and Court Marriage in Pakistan

Court Marriage & Online Nikkah in Pakistan

Marriage is a blissful event, a time of Joy and Love, whether its in a Traditional way or via Court Marriage. In online nikah you have to follow the few steps. Getting rishta and then marrying with your jeevansathi in just a few hours with our online service and it will be according to Islam. A court marriage is when a Marriage is done in a Legal Manner, without the concerns of a big fancy function, that is both legally and Islamically endorsed. Pakistani Girl is perfect for marriage as being a Muslim girl in a simple way.

If, for any reason, you require a nikah nama in a hurry, we can expedite your Nikkah-nama (Nikah Document) and have the process started online for you.

We can help you to do nikah online\shadi online. We are perfect matrimonial platform and marriage bureau. We can easily prepare your Marriage registration or marriage certification online is an efficient way. All you have to do is contact us and we are happy to help. Free consultation on WhatsApp or phone call. WhatsApp call is free of charge and we don’t ask money for free consultation.

Please note that we would require witnesses to the Nikkah / Court Marriage, and the costs of which will be relayed to you when our specialist contacts you, depending on your personal situation, location and circumstances.

Court Marriage Process and Online Procedure

Court Marriages and Online Nikkahs are very straight forward, and are usually done in an hour. We require identity documents of both the (soon to be) spouses in the form of B Forms/Passport/CNIC and the CNIC’s of the witnesses in question.

PLEASE NOTE: – A Disclaimer/Notice would be required from the spouses that they are getting married out of their own free choice and will

Constraints of Online Nikkah and Court Marriage

What is the law for getting marriage in Pakistan?

As per the Laws of Pakistan (CMRA 1926) The legal minimum age for a Man to get married in Pakistan is 18 years old, and for a woman its 18 years old. Our Lawyers also abide by our “ Fixed Fee Policy” which means you do not have to worry about any unknown and hidden extra charges.

Please fill in our form below. You will receive a response in 24 Hours from our Court Marriage Specialist, who will start the process once informing you of the timeline and fee’s. If you do not get a response, simply call us on 0308 551 0031 (Outside of Pakistan/WhatsApp Number 0092 308 5510031)

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