32a Challan Form

32a Challan Form in Pakistan is a very common form used to make payments directly to the treasury of Pakistan. These forms are used in all kinds of instances, from paying penalties and fines (through Stamp Duties), to registration fees for Schools and Colleges, to even Child Support Payments (Which you file a copy of in your Child Custody case).

Courts and Government institutions can often ask individuals and businesses to make payments to them through the treasury using this 32a challan form, so we have made a small guide on how to fill these out, along with adding a downloadable PDF Format for you to use.

Guide on filling out the 32 a Challan Form

Essentially, there are 2 parts of this 32 a Challan form, but for the sake of simplicity, we will assume that you will fill out the majority of this form, leaving just the official stamping and signing to the teller/cashier. We will address each section by its relevant sections:-

  • “By whom tendered” – This refers to the person that is officially paying the 32a challan to begin with, in short, the person who needs to rely on the reciept.
  • “Name or Designation and Address of the person on whom Behalf money is paid” – This would refer to who the payment is ultimately going to, so the key person, or their designation, as well as the institutes address, would be vital to write here.
  • “Amount” – Here you should write the amount both numerically and in words, and whether its a part payment or a total payment.
  • “Head of Account” – Before making any payments using a 32 a Challan form, make sure that you have the exact Account code to put in here, to ensure the payment goes directly there.

Download 32a Challan Form Free

Below we have a 32a Challan form that you can download in PDF Format, along with a small how-to guide on how to use it.

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