Divorce Deed Template Pakistan

Divorce Deed Template Pakistan can be used to initiate a Divorce in Pakistan. A divorce notice should always be drafted by a lawyer as it may be referred to later when it comes to Divorce Certificate Attestation, Child Guardianship, Child Custody, Inheritance matters, and Khulla cases.

Below we have left a template, along with some notes should you wish to see how they are used. Again, we recommend that you get your divorce papers professionally handled, so we can assist you.

Who can use a Divorce Deed Template in Pakistan?

In most cases, the Husband has the right to issue the divorce, however, if the wife (at the time of nikkah) mentions that she wants the right of divorce, then she can issue a divorce also. If the woman wishes to issue a divorce, but she does not have the right to do so on her Nikkahnama, then she has to file a khula.

These divorce notices would apply to divorces and Talaqs for Sunni Muslims, not in cases of Shia Divorce (as it’s usually done in person through a “Segha” prayer) Sikh, Hindu, Christian or Divorce for other faiths and religions.

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Template of Divorce Notice in Pakistan

Below is the standard format of a divorce deed in Pakistan, or talaq nama in Pakistan. You may see the format below of a talaq nama in Pakistan. Remember that a copy goes to the Union Council where the marriage was registered, as well as to the Husband/Wife that is whom the divorce is going.

For simplicity, the person issuing the divorce will be mentioned as the “Executor” and the person receiving the divorce will be mentioned as the “recipient”. If there is a prenuptial agreement in place, then attach a copy of this also.

Free Download of Divorce Notice in Pakistan Template

We have made life easier by leaving a PDF version of the Divorce Sample application for you to see so that you have an idea of what a Divorce deed looks like, feel free to download the PDF below.

Divorce Deed Declaration

For the Attention of the Union Council (The same Union Council where the Nikkah was registered).

Copy sent also to (Recipient, along with his/her full address)

Date of Divorce issued ..****

  • I, (Name of Executor) son/daughter of (Executor’s father name) resident of (complete valid address, if the Executor is sending the notice from abroad, then add both addresses) do hereby solemnly declare and pronounce my First/Second/Third  (Delete as appropriate) Talaq, through this divorce deed.
  • I, (Name of Executor) am of sound mind, and under no duress, in free will execute this divorce.
  • I, (Executor) married (Recipient) son/daughter of (Recipient’s father name) resident of (complete address), on (Date of marriage) according to Muslim law and Shariat and the Haq Maher was (mention amount of Mahar), which is paid at the time of Nikah.
  • The Ruskhsati was held on **.**.**** / not held until the time that this divorce deed was issued (Delete as appropriate).
  • That we have no children / From this marriage, we have x number of children together (List of children by name, date of birth) who are currently with *****.
  • That (Wife’s name) is not currently pregnant.
  • The Dowry articles are with the (Executor/Recipient) and can be delivered wherever they like / No Dowry articles are with the (Executor/Recipient) at all.
  • During our marriage, differences have cropped up between us both, and as a consequence, it has become impossible for us to peacefully live together as husband and wife, within the limits prescribed by Allah SWT. I am therefore issuing a divorce through this divorce deed.
  • I, (Name of Executor) have decided to Divorce (Recipient’s name) son/daughter of (Recipient’s Fathers name) because there is no hope for reconciliation to live as a married couple.
  • I, (Executor), HEREBY DIVORCE YOU (Recipient) SON/DAUGHTER OF (Recipient’s father).
  • (Add this line only on the Third Talaq) Therefore, I hereby pronounce my third and Final Talaq and set (Recipient) son/daughter of (Recipient’s father name) free from my wedlock, by legally, and Islamically, terminating the bond of marriage between us. From this date onwards, there shall be no association or affiliation between us whatsoever between us as a couple, and he/she is free to marry anyone else, as per the Muslim Family Law Ordinance (1961) and Shariat, as am I.
  • That the two parties shall not have any cause or claim upon each other upon implementation of this divorce/All our divorce terms and conditions are as stipulated in our Prenuptial Agreement.
  • These Divorce papers are made in accordance to the Muslims Family Law Ordinance (1961) signed, and delivered, to both the (Recipient) and the Union Council where the Nikkah was registered.

Signed by

Executor (Name, Fathers name, Address, Contact number and CNIC Number)

Witness 1 (Name, Fathers name, Address, Contact number and CNIC Number)

Witness 2 (Name, Fathers name, Address, Contact number and CNIC Number)

Further information on Divorce Deed Template Pakistan

If you are going to get this done through someone else, make sure they have a valid Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

If you would like to get your Divorce done professionally based on your existing circumstances, please feel free to contact us. Our lawyers will prepare divorce papers online and will provide you divorce form. 

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