What is our “24Justice Fixed Fee” Policy?

The 24Justice Fixed Fee Policy

At 24Justice.pk, we strive on providing Quality Legal Representation and at Affordable and Competitive Prices throughout Pakistan, whether you are here or abroad, without compromising on Service. This is why we are Pakistan’s Boldest and Most Unique Legal Services website, as well as being the First Legal Comparison Website.

How it works?

When you are assigned a Lawyer (Who would be a Specialist in your case) all fee’s and an Action Plan would be drafted in an Engagement Letter. It is your responsibility to ensure you take this from the Lawyer before initiating / paying for any legal proceedings to begin (if you meet them or talk to them directly) or we will provide this to you upon request only before initiating legal proceedings and before any payment is made.

The Engagement letter will highlight:-

  1. The costs of your case.
  2. A Schedule of Milestones and when to pay (NOTE :- No Lawyer from our panel will ever ask for their full fee in advance for a Legal Case, if this happens, kindly let us know so that we can take remedial action which may include termination).
  3. General Heads of Terms of the case, including examples of work which may not be included in the main case, but can be expected or unforeseen at the time of initiating legal proceedings (These may be charged separately, for example, additional Applications which were not required in the original case, or travel expenses for cases where Police or other Parties get involved etc etc).
  4. Client Confidentiality Agreement and Professionalism Expectations.
  5. The rights both you and the lawyer have to leave the agreement. (I.E. If you fall behind on your Payment, the lawyer will have the right to leave the case, etc etc)
  6. Your Reference number, so that you may contact our 24 Hour hotline (through Call or Whatsapp) to check the progress of your case.


All arbitration, when provided with an Engagement Letter by us, will take place through us as the mediators.

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Alternatively, If you still have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us (either through Call or Whatsapp) on 0308 551 0031 or if you are contacting us from abroad, contact us (either through Call or Whatsapp) on 0092 308 551 0031. This is a 24 Hour Helpline.

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