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Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan

Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan are Family Lawyers who handle Child Custody cases in Pakistan. Child Custody cases are a very sensitive matter. It usually follows (or part of) Divorce / Khulla / Khula proceedings. In certain instances and cases, it can be a case on its own (ie if the marriage is still in place, or if its being done by a relative of the child).

There will always be 2 Parents; The Custodial Parent (The Parent who retains the Custody) and the Non-Custodial Parent (The Parent who gets visitation). These can change during the process of litigation.

How do Child Custody Cases work in Pakistan?

Child custody cases are incredibly tricky, as Judges have a lot of factors to consider. It’s not surprising that it’s ever-changing, and relies heavily on Case Law, and usually requires Experienced Legal Lawyers and Attorneys. The paramount objective is always the welfare of the minor, which, unless fought spirit-fully, can be an obstacle.

In the majority of Instances, The mother retains the custody of the child (Whilst the child is young, usually under 7 years of age) and the Non-Custodial Parent gets access to his Children from a Visitation Schedule drafted by the court. Naturally, the Character of the mother (i.e. if she is a convicted criminal/drug user/not in alliance with Religion etc etc) and whether she has married again play factors on whether she gets Custody of the Minor or not. If the mother is deemed unfit for Custody, then the Father has a chance of gaining Legal Custody, and would become the Custodial Parent.

Guardianship and Visitation Cases in Pakistan

Both Parents can apply for Guardianship, and getting it granted by the Court is subject to the particular of the court. The Visitation Schedule varies from case to case. After the Children grow older, the Custodial Parent (If its the Mother) right to retain the Custody of the Minor (of a son) is reduced, whilst the rights of the Custody of the Minor (of a daughter) Remains. The right of the Custodial Parent, of keeping custody of the minor (at any age) and the access of the Non-Custodial Parent (and ensuring they get to see the minors) are always pivotal factors in such cases.

What are factors Court Consider in Child Custody cases for Welfare of the Minor?

The courts will evaluate the conduct of both parents throughout the case. The courts see the family, their Financial stability, their Family background, Academic Backgrounds, and where would be most beneficial for the upbringing of the minor. This is where our Specialist Child Custody Lawyers will be at hand, and ready to assist you.  Our Lawyers also abide by our “24Justice.pk Fixed Fee Policy” which means you do not have to worry about any unknown and hidden extra charges

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